Will Egypt revolutionaries ever learn politics?

Since January 25 2011 revolution in Egypt we watched young passionate idealist revolutionaries fooled by Muslim Brotherhood group over and over again. All climaxed during Egyptian presidential elections 2012 when we were faced with grim choice between Ahmed Shafik a former PM for Mubarak and probably a close ally on one hand and Mohamed Morsi a Muslim Brotherhood leader on the other hand. Although most Egyptians wanted neither men to rule Egypt considering what they both represent, but unfortunately political Islam and Mubarak era forces were the only 2 organized forces at the time. Revolutionaries were split into either boycotting elections or voting for Mursi. Even revolutionaries who boycotted the elections rallied against voting for Shafik and labeled it as treason. They even insulted all those who voted for shafik. Election results came in Mursi favor by a thin majority of 1% which confirms beyond doubt that revolutionaries were the tipping force in electing Muhamed morsi as president of Egypt. Another thing came as a result for this elections it was clear for one reason or another Ahmed shafik has a large popularity in Egypt.
As time went by it became clear to everyone including revolutionaries themselves that Mursi and the brotherhood fooled them (as expected) and ignored all their promises to fulfill the revolutionaries demands. Regular Egyptians watched in horror to see all their dreams and hopes for better life shatters with the Muslim brotherhood failures in governing the country.
Recently a new frank group named ‘Tamarod” (Arabic for rebellious) were formed with aime to impeach Mursi by gathering 15 million signatures from Egyptians whom don’t want Mursi as president anymore. The group collected more than 3 million signatures so far after 3 weeks from it was started and aims to reach 15 million by June 30 2013. I don’t think there is any legal basis in which the group can remove Morsi from presidency, but still if they managed to achieve their goal collecting 15 million votes, it could be at least a significant embarrassment for Morsi and the Brotherhood. Tamarod are gaining a lot of support among all Egyptians who are not Muslim Brotherhood group members.

Tamarod leaders are all revolutionaries and most of them voted for Morsi during the presidential elections. To them Ahmed Shafik still considered an enemy. I do hope they understand they must change their mind and accept Ahmed Shafik and his supporters if they are keen on achieving their goal, otherwise things will be very difficult for all of us.

Many Egyptians are putting a lot of hope on Tamarod movement and hoping it achieves it’s goal for forcing Morsi to resign and make a new presidential elections. Will it happen?

If Tamarod managed to stay focused on their mission and keep united for all Egyptians who are not Muslim Brotherhood, even then still achieving their goal won’t be an easy task considering the nature of Muslim Brotherhood group, and the apparent support they are getting from the United States. One thing is apparent so far Muslim Brotherhood is feeling uneasy about Tamarod activities and trying to halt it by all legal and illegal means.

June 30 2013 is just a month from now, things will get much clear by then.

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