Muslims and Islamists 2 different religions

Growing up in Egypt during the 80s I witnessed a transformation of Egypt from a tolerant society where people lived in religious harmony into a more divided sectarian society, sometimes tensed and even violent other times. It was the rise of Islamism times. We (Christians of Egypt) could watch the Egyptian society (overwhelmingly influenced by Islam) getting more Islamist every year and symptoms were as clear as Darwin’s evolution chart. You can simply see number of men growing beards and wearing the white gelabiya while women wearing veils and even burka growing dramatically, number of mosques increasing, loud speakers during Azan getting louder. Another very important symptom accompanied the more Islamic look our society adopted was more animosity towards Christians in Egypt that reached violence in many instances. We Christians reacted by withdrawing from public life and reaching back to our Coptic (native Egyptian) roots to become our identity. We Christians could see the transformation of Egypt Moslems in our closest friends. Egyptian Moslems in their turn could be classified into 3 groups, one group who turn into hardcore islamists (believing Islam their identity not Egypt) , second group and I think it was the majority is the confused group, and third group which was not big in numbers were straight out seculars.

Since Muslim brotherhood took control of Egypt society changed dramatically and became split into 2 groups pro islamists group and anti islamists group. Anti islamists group include all Egyptian Christians and big percentage of Egyptian Muslims. The old confused muslim group became almost none existent. From Muslim point of view I think anti islamists Muslims realized for the first time the danger of Islamism on their way of life and on Islam as they understand it. Christians on the other hand was able for the first time to draw a clear line between islamists and Muslims. Current clash in Egyptian society is between 2 different islams, one Islam that is tolerant, modern, and humane. Another Islam (Islamism) that is exclusive and not tolerant and mostly outdated. Which Islam will win? I don’t know the answer to this question. The answer will not just affect Egypt but it will affect the whole world and I can go further by saying it will affect life on earth. As Christians we can help Muslims against Islamists by drawing a clear line between attacking Islamists and attacking Islam.

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3 Responses to Muslims and Islamists 2 different religions

  1. AnAmericanCopt says:

    I like your articles, but I disagree with the term
    Islamist or Islamism. Islam has been the same since its founding. Islam changed to Tolerant after its defeat in many wars with the west. Mohammed Ali realized that Islam must change or it will lose its grip on its own people. Islam is the same and was preserved in Arabia for the longest time.
    Now Islam is rich and can make a comeback, but first it needs to have an iron grip on the nations they invaded. Mohammed Ali modernized Egypt, France did wonders with North Africa….
    Islam was buried under the Sands of Arabia and now it’s out. Sorry if I am not PC.

    • Thanks for reading. I totally understand your point and agree with your analysis as objective and realistic. However, recently I realized a huge number of Egyptian Muslims rejecting the Muslim brotherhood and islamists teachings and they present their own version of Islam that is modern. How do we deal with these Egyptian Muslims? Do we collide with them by telling them the islamists understand Islam better than you? If we do that we are supporting the Muslim brotherhood against Egypt
      modern Muslims. Do we really want to
      do that?

      • AnAmericanCopt says:

        I am with you, we must treat both Islamists and so called moderates in a Christian Manner, but we cannot deceive them. I can’t tell them Islam is peaceful, but the Islamists musunderstood it. The Moderates seem to be the educated bunch, they already know the truth about Islam. I know a few that left Islam and became Atheist.
        If we’re talking politically, yes we must do what ever it takes to save Egypt, but time is of the Essenes otherwise. Egypt is far gone as a one solid nation, the split is coming eventually. And there will come a time where the moderates will be forced to pick the side they will support.
        When this split happen, the Islamists will try to massacre both Christians and Muslims, then our obligation as Christians is to tell them about Christ. So their sacrifice is not in vain, talking eternity here.
        This split is coming soon. I am sorry I am too blunt, but it’s over, the clash is coming if we like it or not.

        Great conversation, thank you

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